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Back to School Essentials for Transition Year Students

It’s almost that time of year again. The dreaded back to school season is once again upon us. For most, back to school means an end to the warmer weather, longer days, and the general bliss that is summer holidays. However, there is one group of students who will be particularly looking forward to the upcoming school year and they are Transition Year students. Transition Year is all about trying new things and having a break from the mayhem and studying of exam years. Facing in to Transition Year is by no means a daunting experience but it can be hard to know what stationery and copies to get when you have so many different subjects to think about. Here at SchoolBooksDirect, we have put together a list of all the back to school essentials for Transition Year students; 

Spiral Refill Pad A4 300 pg Aisling

Despite what you might think about Transition Year, there is a certain amount of academic work to be done. There will be loads of different guest speakers, subjects and trips for you to experience, so make sure you have everything you need to jot down the important bits.Shop Spiral Refill Pad A4 300 pg Aisling here

Hardback Copies A4 160 pg Dark Colours – Pack of 5

Again, for taking notes, make sure you have enough hardbacks for all of your different subjects and to last the year.

Shop Hardback Copies A4 160 pg Dark Colours – Pack of 5 here.

Hardback Lever Arch File A4

You will find yourself with loads of loose sheets and notes at the end of the year, so make sure you keep them organised with a good folder. 

Shop Lever Arch File A4 here.

Subject Dividers – 10 Pack

Dividers are a handy addition to organise any folder.

Shop Subject Dividers – 10 Pack here

Blue/Yellow/Green Triple Pocket Pencil Case

Again, despite the fact that you will need less stationery and copies as a whole this year, make sure what you do need is kept organised with this pencil case that will last you right up until Leaving Cert. 

Shop Blue/Yellow/Green Triple Pocket Pencil Case here

Wallet of 10 Ballpoint Pens

Pens are an absolute essential for any student and this pack of ten will be all you need for the coming year. 

Shop Wallet of 10 Ballpoint Pens here

Strong Clear Mesh Bag – A4

Store all of those loose sheets from all of your different subjects in these durable mesh folders.

Shop Strong Clear Mesh Bag – A4 here 

We also have a selection of school books for Transition Year students for you to choose from as well.

Find everything you need for back to school at SchoolBooksDirect
Find more back to school resources on our blog.

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