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Back to School Shopping – A Teacher’s Guide

By now, the back to school shopping season is in full swing. The reminders are everywhere and everyone has the same thing in their minds: get the kids sorted early. We are always so focused on back to school shopping for pupils that we often forget that teachers need to get prepped and read as well. Being a teacher and trying to navigate the whole back to school shopping situation can be difficult. It’s tough to know what needs to be bought and what you might or might not need.

As we like to say here at SchoolBooksDirect, we are your one stop back to school shop and that includes teachers. We have put together this quick and easy guide to some back to school classroom essentials for teachers. We are dedicated to taking the stress out of back to school shopping, so sit back, relax, and let us do all the work! Here are some of our fabulous products that we recommend for back to school;

Edco Primary Teacher Planner 2021-2022

A planner is a must for any teacher when returning for the upcoming academic year. As hectic as the year will get, the planner will help keep all the important dates and teaching points together to make sure you cover everything. This one from Edco is an excellent planner. 

Shop Edco Primary Teacher Planner 2021-2022 here.

Set of 8 Teacher Reward Stamps

Stamps are a great addition to any classroom. They make corrections go that bit smoother and a good way to help students recognise if their work is good or needs improvement. This set of 8 stamps has every stamp you will need for the upcoming year. It contains stamps with the following phrases; Great Effort, Please Correct and Return, Excellent, Parent Signature, Excellent, 100%, Very Good, Great Work, Let’s Work Together On This One!

Shop Set of 8 Teacher Reward Stamps here.

Recognition Award Star of the Week 

Similar to the stamps, these award sheets are a great way to let students know when they are doing well. They can also be a good motivator for them to improve their work. 

Shop Recognition Award Star of the Week here.  

Classroom News Chart

It’s important to make sure that your classroom is in tip top shape for the new school year and posters are a great way to give it a little bit of life. This news chart works as both a decorative poster and a Monday activity for students to get excited about. 

Shop Classroom News Chart here. 

Create A Space Storage Centre

Organise your work area with this attractive and fresh looking storage centre. Ideal for keeping everyday tools such as pens, pencils and scissors tidy when not in use! A vibrant and modern storage solution for the home, school or office!

Shop Create A Space Storage Centre here. 

Magnetic Learning Calendar

Similar to the other poster, this doubles as both a decorative poster and an activity for kids. This calendar is also great for teaching and learning the concepts of weeks, months, years and seasons.

Shop Magnetic Learning Calendar here.  

With all of these amazing products, you will be able to tackle anything the upcoming academic year throws at you.

You can shop all of these amazing products and much more at SchoolBooksDirect.

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