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Dyslexia Friendly Reading Rulers

Reading with dyslexia can be a very difficult task at times. While not an issue in all individuals with dyslexia, Visual Stress is also a reading impairing disorder which can affect the ability to comprehend texts. Visual Stress is a disorder that can affect the ability to focus on a text. Visual elements like the white background, black text, font size and font type makes the text difficult to read and causes a blurring effect for individuals who experience visual stress. For any individuals who experience visual stress, Reading Rulers are an excellent resource which can help improve text comprehension. 

Dyslexia friendly Reading Rulers are transparent rulers which have been tinted different colours. Reading Rulers help the individual by changing the background colour, eliminating the interfering white background and highlighting the piece of text which they are reading. By highlighting the text, it helps focus the mind and the eyes of the text in front of them making the text more comprehensible. These rulers are a simple and inexpensive resource for individuals with dyslexia which are easy to use and do not require much effort to implement into the reading routine. Here at SchoolBooksDirect, we have a range of reading rulers for you to choose from;

Duo Window Eye Level Reading Rulers 

These Duo Window Eye Level Reading Rulers are a great resource for individuals who experience visual stress. Measuring approximately 15 centimeters, they are compact and lightweight. They are discreet, professional looking and can easily fit in a pocket or pencil case or even be slipped inside a book for ease of access. They include both narrow and broad strips, the narrow for reading single lines of text and the broad for scanning large paragraphs of text. On one side there is a matte finish and the other features a glossy finish. Duo Reading Rulers come in an assortment of colours which can be purchased as individual colour sets or as a multipack. The different colours can even be combined to make unique shade varieties.

Plain Window Eye Level Reading Rulers

These rulers are similar to the Duo sets. However, they only feature one window and a tracking line of half an inch. These rulers are more suitable to confident readers who prefer plain rulers which do not interfere with the flow of text. Plain Reading Rulers come in an assortment of colours which can be purchased as individual colour sets.

Reading rulers are an amazing reading resource which can be used to improve comprehension, attention span and the speed at which you read. They can also lessen the amount of migraines and headaches experienced from reading.

Shop Reading Rulers at SchoolBooksDirect today and find a ruler that works best for you!

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