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Prim-Ed: Learn From Home Workbooks by Prim-Ed

School is officially finished for another year and the thoughts of facing into another evening of homework related tantrums is a far off memory. However, it’s always a great idea to keep the little ones ticking over for the summer months with activities that are good for their minds and keep them off those dreaded screens. The Prim-Ed Learn from Home Workbooks are a great asset for your kids to get some extra practice in a relaxed and fun way! 

The workbooks are designed to match the curriculum set for each class and are the perfect way to keep your child thinking in line with their schoolwork. Each book contains extra Maths, English, and Science Activities to give your children some extra practice throughout the summer months. Within the English section, it develops reading and comprehension practices. Measures, shapes, and numbers are covered in the Maths section. The Science section provides children with an opportunity to practice some experiments. The books contain enough activities to last a one-month period. 

Here are some of the Prim Ed Learn from Home books that we stock here at SchoolBooksDirect!

Learn from Home Workbook 1

Created for First Class pupils, Workbook 2 covers Maths, English, and Science. It develops reading and comprehension, numbers, shapes, and measures as well as outlining some Science experiments.

Shop Workbook 1 here.

Learn from Home Workbook 2

Workbook 2 was created for Second Class pupils, providing them with extra activities to learn from home. 

Shop Workbook 2 here

Learn from Home Workbook 3

Third Class pupils will learn through a broad range of worksheets with Workbook 3. It promotes development in Maths, English and Science.

Shop Workbook 3 here.

Learn from Home Workbook 4

Workbook 4 is the perfect home learning resource for Fourth Class pupils, focusing on Science, Maths and English.

Shop Workbook 4 here.

Learn from Home Workbook 5

Fifth Class pupils will be busy with the activities outlined in Workbook 5. It contains a range of worksheets perfect for learning from home. 

Shop Workbook 5 here. 

Learn from Home Workbook 6

Get them prepped and ready for that final year of primary school with Workbook 6, designed for Sixth Class pupils. 

Shop Workbook 6 here.

Whether you are looking for some extra learning resources for this coming summer, or a way to keep them off the screens, these Prim-Ed Learn from Home Workbooks are perfect! With a range of worksheets and activities to complete, each book is specifically tailored to the current curriculum and there is a book for everyone. 

Check out the range of Prim-Ed Learn from Home Workbooks at SchoolBooksDirect today!

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