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Stationery Essentials for Exam Students

With the inevitable stress that comes with exam season, its easy to forget the less important bits and pieces you need to see you through your exams. Study is a top priority at the moment and with all the last-minute cramming and impromptu study sessions, the last thing you want to be worrying about is having the right maths set or if you have enough pens to see you through. That’s where we want to help. We have created the ultimate guide to exam stationary, providing you with a one-stop-shop for all your essentials.

Premto Rectangular Pouch Peacock Jade/Green

The first important step is making sure you have a case that will fit all your essentials for this exam season. These Premto Rectangular Pouch pencil cases are the perfect match. They are big enough to fit all of the necessities and they won’t break the bank, especially so late on in the academic year. They also come in a range of shades for you to choose from! 

Shop Premto Rectangular Pouch here.

Red/Blue Triple Zip Pencil Case

For any Art, Construction or Engineering students who might have more stationery, these Triple Zip Pencil Cases are an excellent choice for the exam hall. They are super quality as well, so they will last you right into those college assessments!

Shop Red/Blue Triple Zip Pencil Case here.

Staedtler Pack Of 6 Medium Assorted Pens

Exam season means you feel like you have never written more in your entire life than in the last four weeks! Make sure you have enough pens to see you right through to that pesky last exam with this pack of six pens in various colours.

Shop Staedtler Pack Of 6 Medium Assorted Pens here.

Faber Castell HB Winner Pencil

For Maths, Art, Music, Construction or Engineering, its important that you have a pencil at the ready for any complicated equations or tricky melodies. These Faber Castell pencils are perfect. 

Shop Faber Castell HB Winner Pencil here.

Refill Pad 400 page – Side Opening

At this stage, you could probably sell all of your notes as a book, but make sure you’re prepared for the next few weeks. This 400 page refill pad is sure to see you through this exam season.

Shop Refill Pad 400 Page – Side Opening here.

Lever Arch File A4

At this stage in the year all of those pages of notes seem to blend into one and it’s important to keep them all in order. This Lever Arch File folder is the perfect size to hold all of your notes, from English to Engineering or whatever the subject may be. 

Shop Lever Arch File A4 here.

Faber Castell Highlighters – Pack Of 8

Highlighters are a must for exam season. Whether it be highlighting some historical facts last minute or picking out the important parts of a tricky exam question, this pack of Faber Castell highlighters are the perfect additions to your exam stationery. 

Shop Faber Castell Highlighters here.

That is our ultimate guide to exam stationary. If you have any other questions about these or any of our products, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help! Wishing you all the best in your end of year exams!

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