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The Best Revision Books for Junior Cycle Students

Now that everyone has fully returned to school and are back into the swing of homework, projects, and classes, many exam students will be beginning to think about starting to study. The upcoming academic year will no doubt bring a lot of work and study sessions. Exam season feels like it’s an age away now but before long, it will be just a few weeks away. Exam season is the busiest time of the year for most students, so students will want to begin their preparations as soon as possible to make sure they are ready for anything they might face in their exams. Here at SchoolBooksDirect, we want to make sure that we have everything to help you get ready for your upcoming exams. That’s why you can shop a wide range of revision books on our site. 

Revision books are an amazing extra learning resource and will come in handy for those last minute study sessions. If you haven’t already, we would highly recommend adding a revision book or two into your study routine to help with some of your trickier subjects. Revision books have concise and organised sets of notes, making them perfect for last minute study sessions. Here are some of our most popular revision books for Junior Cycle subjects;

Less Stress More Success

We have a wide selection of Less Stress More Success books in stock for Junior Cycle subjects. These books were designed with result optimisation in mind. They contain a concise set of notes with exam tips, sample questions and diagrams. 

Shop Less Stress More Success here

Notes on Fiction

These books are great for looking specifically at a single text and provide a lot of extra notes to help you navigate a range of different exam questions. We have a wide range of books in stock that cover a lot of texts. 

Shop Notes on Fiction here

Revise Wise 

Revise Wise is another fantastic set of revision books. They contain an organised set of concise notes with diagrams, exam tips, sample questions and sample answers to have you ready for whatever the exam might bring. 

Shop Revise Wise here

Shortcuts to Success

Shortcuts to Success teach you the exam success tips that have been shown to work. Written by teachers with a proven track record of exam success, they will show you how to achieve your best results.  

Shop Shortcuts to Success here

Essentials Unfolded

These are a pocket sized revision guide for those of you looking for a concise set of notes to make studying that bit easier. These notes make a great addition to any notes that you might already have or as a revision tool closer to exam time.

Shop Essentials Unfolded here

Maths Solutions 

If you are looking for a little more help in Maths, these books are a great revision resource. These books contain clear and comprehensive solutions to the State Exam Paper Questions for the last four years. These publications are easy to understand for any student who needs more support in Maths. 

Shop Maths Solutions here

Yuri’s Study Cards

These cards are an excellent revision resource for any student of any age. They focus on specific languages and help students with learning how to correctly use grammar in each language. 

Shop Yuris Study Cards here

You can shop all of these amazing revision books and so much more at SchoolBooksDirect

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