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The Best Revision Books for Leaving Cert Students

The time has come once again for students to begin thinking about study sessions and revision. For any Leaving Cert students, the thoughts of facing into study can be daunting and it can be difficult to know where to even begin. Here at SchoolBooksDirect, we have a wide range of revision books to help make studying that bit easier. Here are some of our top books to help with revision;

Less Stress More Success

You can shop a wide range of Less Stress More Success revision books that cover a wide range of subjects at SchoolBooksDirect now. The Less Stress More Success Books are a great revision resource. They contain a concise set of notes with lots of helpful exam tips and tricks throughout. 

Shop Less Stress More Success here

Notes on Fiction 

The range of Notes on Fiction books are a great option for helping you better understand a given text. They cover a wide range of texts, from Shakespeare to Emily Brontë. These books have extra notes to help you improve your exam answers for English. 

Shop Notes on Fiction here


Another fantastic range of revision books we have here in stock are the range of Revisewise books. The Revisewise books contain an organised set of notes, with exam tips, sample questions and sample answers added to help you prepare for whatever the exam might throw at you. 

Shop Revisewise here

Shortcuts to Success

The range of Shortcuts to Success books contain all of the exam advice and pointers that have been proven to work. These books were specifically designed to improve your exam results in a given subject. With a range of subjects to choose from, you can choose a book to help with a subject you might not be as confident with or to help improve what is already a great mark. 

Shop Shortcuts to Success here

Essentials Unfolded

The most concise option among this selection of revision books, the Essentials Unfolded range are the perfect addition to any last minute study sessions. A pocket sized set of notes that were designed to make studying that bit easier. These books would make a great addition to any notes you may already have. 

Shop Essentials Unfolded here

Maths Solutions

For anyone who wants to specifically improve their maths skills, the range of Maths Solutions books are the perfect revision tool. These books contain clear and comprehensive solutions to the State Exam Paper Questions for the last four years.

Shop Maths Solutions here

Yuri’s Study Cards

The range of Yuri’s Study Cards are a great revision tool for students at any level. With all the notes you need on a single page, these study cards would make a great addition to any notes that you already have. 

Shop Yuri’s Study Cards here

You can shop all of these amazing revision books and so much more at SchoolBooksDirect

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