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The Best Tips for Preparing for Exams

Exam season is undoubtedly the most stressful part of the academic year. Facing those final weeks of study feels daunting and finding a place to start is an almost impossible task. At SchoolBooksDirect, we want to help out in any way that we can, so we have put together a list of our best exam advice to get you through those final study sessions! 

  1.     Design a Study Plan

The important first step when beginning to study is to make yourself a study plan. Having a study timetable organises your time and, ultimately, helps you make the most out of those final few study sessions. Decide which days you will be studying and what you will cover on those days. It’s good to remember to give equal time to all of your subjects and having a timetable will help you do this! 

  1.     Take Regular Breaks 

When making your study plan, it’s also a good idea to set out some time for breaks. Setting aside the time for breaks will improve your time studying overall. By allowing yourself to have a rest, you will come back to your desk refreshed and ready to go. During your breaks you could have a healthy meal or do some exercise as these activities will improve your productivity as well! 

  1.     Clean Your Study Space

An organised study space equals an organised mind. Try to remove all clutter from your desk or workspace as this will allow you to think clearly and not worry about the mess around you. Remove all unnecessary devices from the space as these will only distract you from your work. Check out some of these products to help organise your desk. 

  1.     Past Exam Papers are Key

Incorporating past exam questions into your study routine is one way you can prepare for exams. By looking at past papers, you can get a sense of the style questions that might be asked in the future. Answering past exam questions is also a great way to study the course material! Check out some past exam papers here.

  1.     Include Visuals in Your Notes 

Try and break up some of your notes and take a break from all the text by including some diagrams. Diagrams are also useful when trying to remember facts as they stand out amongst your notes! Why not add some colour to your diagrams with these colouring pencils! 

  1.     Group Study Sessions

It’s a good idea to change up the way that you study every now and again so that you give yourself a break from writing pages of notes! A great way to do this is through group study sessions. With the restrictions around COVID-19, you could organise to have a Zoom call with your friends to go over some topics.

  1.     Plan for the Day of the Exam 

The day of the exam is a busy one and it’s very important to make sure you’re prepared. Check that you have all of your stationery ready and plan out what you will be doing on the day. 

With these few simple tips, exam preparation is that bit easier. Incorporate some of these tips into your study routine to make exam preparations more manageable and organised. Best of luck to all of you sitting exams!

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