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Top Products for Crafting

Looking to get into crafting? Here at SchoolBooksDirect, we have all the best products you need to kickstart your next craft project. Check out some of our top products we would recommend for any artist to add to their kit; 

Hog Bristle Short Handle Round Tip – 6 Pack – Assorted Sizes

This set of 6 different size and shaped paint brushes has everything a budding artist needs to get started with painting. These brushes are made from fine quality and durable materials, so they are sure to withstand even the most extravagant projects!

Shop Hog Bristle Short Handle Round Tip here

Clay Pottery Tools Set

For anyone interested in trying clay modelling or pottery, this set of assorted pottery tools is an absolute must for your collection. It has everything you need to create the perfect pottery piece that is sure to impress your friends and family! Made from high quality materials to give you your best craft yet. 

Shop Clay Pottery Tools Set here

Blue Label Washable PVA Glue – 600ml

With excellent bonding properties and versatility of use, Blue Label is ideal for any artist. Blue Label contains a high percentage of a water-dispersible ingredient used in ‘biofilms’ and this therefore is the most eco-friendly PVA product in the Brian Clegg product range.

Shop Blue Label Washable PVA Glue here

Creall Studio Acrylic Paint

Studio Acrylics are the top acrylic paint based on 100% acrylate resin with high-quality composure. It adheres to almost every non-greasy surface and dries quickly. It is also water-dilutable and mixable colours. 

Shop Creall Studio Acrylic Paint here

Icon Modelling Clay

Icon modelling clay is a high quality clay that is perfect for whatever your clay modelling unveils. With 12.5 kg per bag, this clay will be enough to see you through numerous crafting projects to come. 

Shop Icon Modelling Clay here

Tissue Paper – Assorted Colours

With all the colours of the rainbow and so much more, add some life and some colour to any craft with this assortment of colour tissue paper. 

Shop Tissue Paper – Assorted Colours here

Marbling Inks – Standard Colours – 6 x 25 ml Bottles

With 6 stunning assorted colours, simply adding to water causes the marbling ink to disperse and produces a stunning marble effect to create an amazing work of art!
Shop Marbling Inks here

Crepe Multipack – 10 Assorted Colours 

So many colours, which one will you choose? This crepe paper is a must for any crafter. It helps add both colour and dimension to your artwork as well as being fun to work with!

Shop Crepe Multipack here

You can shop all of these amazing craft products and so much more at SchoolBooksDirect

If you would like to learn more about our fabulous range of products, check out our blog.

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