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Our Favourite Musical Products

Here at SchoolBooksDirect, we love the back to school season because it’s what we know. We would consider ourselves experts in all things back to school, but we also want to make sure that you are covered for all of your academic needs all year around. We make sure our wide range of products are equally as diverse as they are high in quality. We also stock a range of products to help you become proficient in a subject that you might be pursuing. At SchoolBooksDirect, you will find products to help you learn Irish, Art, Business and more. We even stock a selection of products to help you become a master of all things musical! 

Here are some of our favourite products for learning music;

John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course

The series of John Thompson workbooks are the best way to get started and on the way to becoming a regular piano maestro. These workbooks are the perfect resource for any beginners with step by step instructions and fun illustrations to be enjoyed throughout. The workbooks even come with worksheets to promote revision of course material. 

Shop John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course.

Percussion Instruments Chart

Posters are great for decorating the classroom and when they have valuable learning information on them, it’s an added bonus by introducing, expanding, and reinforcing a variety of topics. This one contains information about a range of percussion instruments. The back of every learning chart features extra value including reproducibles, fun ideas, and interesting facts. 

Shop Percussion Instruments Chart.

Let’s Get Reading

Let’s Get Reading is a series of workbooks to help improve sight-reading which are perfect for any beginning musician who wants to develop their skills. Designed with the music curriculum in mind, the trusty Maurice the Mouse will help you along your sight-reading journey! 

Shop Let’s Get Reading

Wind Instruments Chart

Again posters are great for the classroom to help get kids learning in a fun and unique way. This poster is all about wind instruments. Kids can learn about the various wind instruments and the back of every learning chart features extra value including reproducibles, fun ideas, and interesting facts.

Shop Wind Instruments Chart

Whistle a While

Whistle A While is the tutor for those who prefer to teach tin whistle using the ‘doh re me’ (tonic solfa) approach. The Teacher Pack contains the book, audio CD & DVD. The content is similar to Whistle Along but it has the tonic solfa notes written over the staff notation. It contains a wide range of tunes to try. 

Shop Whistle a While.

Shop all of these amazing products for improving your musical skills and so much more at SchoolBooksDirect

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