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Our Top 5 Products for Learning Irish

The Irish language is one of the most integral parts of Irish culture and it’s so important for children to get a good grip of it at an early age for them to continue their studies for years to come. However, it can be difficult to get children to look at learning Irish in a more enthusiastic way. Vocabulary, verbs and grammar can all blend into one when they are reading and learning from a book. Here at SchoolBooksDirect, we want to deliver a diverse range of high quality back to school items that help with teaching and learning. We have some amazing products in stock to help with learning some of the trickier subjects and adding something different to traditional subjects. Here are some of our top products to help with learning Irish; 

Junior Scrabble As Gaeilge

Why not try a cult-classic board game as Gaeilge? Junior Scrabble As Gaeilge is a great game to keep in the classroom. Not only is lots of fun, but it encourages children to practice their Irish skills outside of their structured lessons. 

Shop Junior Scrabble As Gaeilge.  

Months of the Year in Irish Chart

Posters are a great option for adding some extra learning resources, no matter the subject, and a great way to decorate your classroom for the academic year! We have some great posters for learning different aspects of the Irish language. This one has the months in Irish and some lovely illustrations! 

Shop Months of the Year in Irish Chart.  

Irish Merit Stickers

These stickers are a great option for rewards and motivating kids to engage in their learning. With the added Irish on each sticker, it’s a great way to get them seeing Irish words in an everyday context. Irish Merit Stickers contain 100 stickers in 5 sheets of 4 designs.

Shop Irish Merit Stickers.  

Monopoly as Gaeilge

Another cult-classic board game but in an as Gailge version. Kids will be learning Irish while they have fun and take part in some friendly competition, what could be better?

Shop Monopoly as Gaeilge.  

Irish Vocabulary Posters

Again, posters are a great way to decorate the classroom but they also bring some added learning to the classroom environment. These sets of Irish vocabulary posters are a brilliant option and they come in separate sets for each class to tailor for the individual levels of ability. 

Shop Irish Vocabulary Posters.  

Shop all of these amazing products and so much more for back to school at SchoolBooksDirect.  

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