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Enrich Me!

Enrich Me!
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Enrich Me! by Simon and Rebecca Green

Enrich Me! is a fantastic new resource specifically designed to cater for the needs of the gifted and talented students in your class. The twenty-four projects provide opportunities for in-depth learning of a topic relating to broader issues, themes, or problems and encourage abstract and higher order thinking skills.
The topics covered cater for a variety of learning styles and assist in the development of research skills and methods. Students are given the opportunity to challenge existing ideas by sharing opinions and producing new ideas. Each project contains an assessment rubric that details specific criteria to ensure feedback is meaningful and relevant to the student.
Although written with gifted and talented students in mind, this resource is also well suited to students with specific strengths or interests who enjoy projects to complete in their own time.

The high-interest topics in this resource are:

The Arts;
Designer T-shirts
Modern Art Movements
The History of Music
Making Paper


Forensic Science
Marine Biology
Cooking Eggs
Endangered Species

Social Sciences;

Greek Mythology
The Seven Wonders
Unexplained Mysteries
Ancient Egypt
Saving Rainforest


Creative Writing
Short Story Writing
Story Study
Novel Study
Creative Poetry