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Fireworks - Pumpkins Penguins & Pigs - Junior Infants

Fireworks - Pumpkins Penguins & Pigs - Junior Infants
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  • Manufactured by: Gill Education
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ISBN: 9780818153114

Published: 2012

Fireworks is a complete English language programme for primary schools.

  • Fantastic range of high-interest fiction and non-fiction texts to engage students
  • Fully integrated, ground-breaking digital and audio resources for the classroom
  • Carefully structured and planned programme delivering all your curriculum needs
  • Designed for use alongside any phonics programme

Pumpkins, Penguins and Pigs Junior Infants Book A

  • A fully blended approach for Junior Infants, where the book is used hand-in-hand with the Interactive CD on the classroom whiteboard or digital projector
    • Provides a careful introduction to pre-reading and pre-language skills
    • Dolch words, common tricky words and high-frequency words are carefully consolidated through activities in this book and on the Interactive CD
    • Links directly to great fiction and non-fiction eBooks
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