Active Science Pack (Includes W/B) (Old Ed)


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ISBN: 9780714423258
Published: 2016
Active Science, the all-new Junior Cycle Science programme, is a vibrant and engaging series that follows an inquiry-based approach to science, with emphasis on investigative and problem-solving activities as a means of effective learning.
The programme features:Active Science TextbookActive Science WorkbookTeacher’s Manual
Special Features
The textbook provides a range of inquiry activities, allowing teachers to choose the activities that suit their needs and preferences.Laboratory investigations give students the opportunity to design their own experiments, develop good scientific habits, and help foster imagination and creativity.Through the use of fun features such as Science Heroes, Myth Busters, Did you know? and Skill Builder, students are encouraged to see Science in an historical and societal context. Science becomes a human endeavour driven by curiosity and the desire to understand the world around us.