Activities To Help Young People Deal With Bullying


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ISBN: 9781909380776

A book of activities to help professionals work through bullying issues with young people, covering: • The impact of the group • Belonging • Social settings • Norms • Values • Peer groups • Friendships • Power • Isolation • Responsibility • Restorative work • Conciliation work. The activities cover the range of bullying behaviours seen in educational settings such as whether a student is exhibiting bullying behaviours, the role of the bystander, the perception of bullying as a behaviour choice and the impact of bullying upon others. Specific activities cover: assessment and self-reflection; what constitutes bullying behaviour; exploring how a student’s behaviour is seen by others; dealing with taunts and jibes; showing students that they have the power to help themselves stay safe; self-recognition; empathy; the victim; how being bullied feels and how to move forward; recognising and identifying when bullying incidents occur; issues around being a witness to a bullying incident; the qualities required to discover, create and encourage confidence to speak up effectively in the future; discovering where help is available; respect; considering actions and recognising that they can choose to treat others the way they would prefer to be treated themselves; taking responsibility for their own actions; an action plan for the future. Each activity is laid out with an activity objective, an intended audience, activity instructions and how to end the activity. All of the activities have accompanying activity sheets. Most of the activities can be used discretely as stand-alone activities. The book also includes a photocopiable Student Tracking and Feedback Workbook for evaluation and to assess effectiveness. Ultimately the book seeks to enhance the emotional well-being of young people in the move towards helping them to manage powerful emotions intelligently. A4 spiral-bound book, photocopiable. Ages: 9-18