Art Works

by Edco


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Published: 2014
It covers the most popular areas in all three sections of the Art History course and is suitable for both Higher and Ordinary Level studentsFull-colour photographs, illustrations and detailed diagrams bring the text to life and aid visual awareness and interpretationHas a clear approach to looking at works of art and architecture, with accessible language and a user-friendly, logical layoutFeatures compositional analyses of artworks, using student-style sketchesReview questions at the end of each chapter reinforce learningThe book is exam-focused, with study tips and exam questions spread throughout the textArt History terms are comprehensively explained throughout the text and a glossary is also providedLinks to relevant websites are included for further studyAn extensive Exam Preparation section includes:— Analysis of structure and layout of past papers and marking schemes— Analysis of frequency of topics on past papers— Detailed advice on how to approach exam questions— Sample answers, with hand-drawn sketches— Explanation of vocabulary used in Leaving Cert exam questions— Practical advice and pointers on how to maximise marks.