Artie 3000 – The Coding & Drawing Robot


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Artie, the coding and drawing robot.

Say hello to Artie, where coding meets creativity! Children will develop left and right-brain skills with Artie 3000™, the coding/drawing robot.

Primary learners will develop:

Left-brain skills such as basic programming, geometry and maths as they control Artie
Right-brain skills such as creativity, imagination and expression as they develop patterns and drawing
With four modes of play: pre-programmed shapes, games, art for colouring and freeform coding, children will love coding Artie to “tell” the robot what to do!

The easy-to-use drag and drop programming can be used on a Mac, PC or tablet
Artie 3000 includes:
Multilingual QuickStart guide
Three activity cards
Built-in drag and drop visual programming interface
Further browser based languages to extend coding knowledge: Javascript, Blockly, Point & Click, Python and Remote Control
Four thin, washable, felt-tip, coloured pens (pink, blue, purple, green) – Artie is also compatible with any similar-sized marker pens
Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
Artie 3000 measures 15.5cm H x 14cm W
Features multilingual packaging