Bookkeeping Manual & Computerised

by Gill


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ISBN: 9780717152704

Published: 2012

New edition of this bestselling text provides instruction on how to record, edit, interpret and analyse financial data using manual and computerised bookkeeping systems.


Presents three different company accounts for a total of six monthly periods, illustrating the basic principles and entries of bookkeeping.


The same tasks are used in both the manual and computerised sections, facilitating comparison of results.Section 1: Manual Bookkeeping

Explains how to: Identify source documentsChoose an appropriate daybookMake a correct daybook entryTransfer daybook entries into various ledgers Produce a trial balance and understand its function in identifying errors in accounts.Introduces the process of cross-checking as a means of identifying errors in daybooks.

Explains and demonstrates the process of bank reconciliation.

Illustrates how to produce a VAT 3 form.Section 2: Computerised Bookkeeping

Written for the TASBooks package, but can easily be adapted to suit other bookkeeping accounts packages.

Details how to: Install the TASBooks programClear down dataSet up new companies, customers, suppliers, nominal accounts and productsEnter source documents into the program accountsGenerate computer-based reports and compare these to the daybooks and ledgers completed in the manual section.Screen shots used throughout illustrate concepts and methods in an easy, step-by-step manner.Includes a sample project and sample examination for the FETAC level 5 module, complete with sample solutions and marking schemes.Required source documents are provided in a separate booklet, suitable for use with both the manual and computerised sections.