Business For Success Including Portfolio

by Gill


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Published: 2020

ISBN: 9780717188833

Business for Success comprehensively covers the Leaving Certificate Business course. Written in a deliberate, direct and simple style, it is accessible to all students, while being detailed enough for Higher Level students to achieve top marks.

? Up to date with the latest on GDPR, legislation, Brexit, ICT, digital marketing, international trade agreements, domestic economy, emerging industries, etc.

? Exam-focussed with current real-world examples, evaluations, exam questions/notes, key word summaries, optimised ABQ method, revision checklists and exam guides

? Integrated package with a Short-Answer Question Handbook and comprehensive Teacher’s Digital Library of resources to inspire, engage and achieve maximum marks

? Succinct, simple, effective language for mixed-ability teaching

The Business for Success package includes:

Short-Answer Question Handbook – included FREE with textbook: Contains 20 years of unit-categorised short-answer questions from Higher and Ordinary Level papers, as well as whole-syllabus revision exercises. It also contains unit glossaries, a guide to short-answer questions and an abbreviations section.

Teacher’s Digital Library: An invaluable library of resources that is clearly linked to the textbook through the use of icons and can be used with the book in an integrated way. It includes:

? Creative class exercises to develop exam technique for Higher and Ordinary Level students

? A bank of 40 real-world examples, categorised using key words and accompanied by related weblinks, include a mixture of international brands, current Irish start-ups and firms in emerging business eco-systems

? PowerPoint presentations with interactive diagrams to help class discussion when talking through topics

? ABQ guide and solutions

? Mixed ABQs and solutions

? Business news bite guide with exercises and samples

? Guide to Ten-minute Timer Tasks and suggested solutions

? Class tests

? Weblinks to extra information and videos

? List of teaching resources to support lesson planning

Free eBook of this textbook: see inside front cover for details. Gill Education eBooks can be accessed both online and offine!