Child Development 2nd Edition Levels 5 & 6

by Gill


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ISBN: 9780717156252

Published: 2010

By Eilis Flood
A comprehensive yet uncomplicated guide to the theory and practice of Child Development (0-6 years) within an Irish context, with specific focus on child observation.

Examines child development under 5 key areas:

Overview of Child Development – Explores key issues, concepts and debates in child development such as nature v nurture, continuity v discontinuity, early v later experience, normative development

Physical Development – Describes the physical development of the child from pre-natal to 6 years, listing the various milestones throughout

Cognitive & Language Development – Introduces the theories and stages of both cognitive and language development for the years 0–6, with particular focus on how to promote development in these areas

Social & Emotional Development – Explains the theories and stages of emotional and social development in children from 0–6 years, with emphasis on self-image, self-esteem and child behaviour

Primary research in Child Development – Details observation as a research tool, highlighting its purposes, methods and constraints – Provides detailed instructions on how to approach, research and present single observations; addressing the five areas of development with children of various ages

WRITTEN FOR: Child Development FETAC level 5