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by Gill


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Published 2018

ISBN: 9780717179763

Written by market-leading History author, Dermot Lucey, whose name is synonymous with History education in Ireland, Making History provides everything you need for Junior Cycle History.

Specification Learning Outcomes are broken into clear, achievable Learning Intentions
The Nature of History strand is introduced and then reinforced in each chapter through skills-based activities and the frequent use of sources
Integrates recommended Junior Cycle teaching strategies, such as Think–Pair–Share, Hot Seat and Venn Diagrams
Analysing Sources sections encourage students to investigate intriguing historical questions and to hone the skills of the historian
The order of the chapters and the pictorial timelines at the start of each promote chronological awareness and help students acquire the ‘big picture’
The frequent use of questions in headings promotes exploratory learning, encourages lively classroom debate and develops historical consciousness
Assessment features include:
– Suggested CBAs for each topic
– Focus Tasks for groupwork and research
– Activities that encourage historical empathy
– Range of questions on a vast array of primary and secondary sources