DCG Solutions – Plane & Descriptive Geometry Core Book 1


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An A3 workbook and electronic syllabus book are combined for a unique and interactive learning experience for students of Design and Communication Graphics.
Key Features:•    The workbook contains over 330 partial questions, sample question and Leaving Certificate Exam questions •    The e-book contains interactive step by step solutions to all the questions within the workbook•    Includes solutions to recent Leaving Certificate Examination Questions •    Covers the complete Plane & Descriptive Geometry (Core) section of the syllabus, The Applied Graphics options  are sold separately.•    Save money on expensive tuition with this complete interactive learning package•    Free online E-book access is supplied with each student package, as an optional extra the e-book can also be purchased on a disc for offline use•    Click Here for Sample E-book
Perfect for:•    Daily use within the classroom•    Individual Learning•    Essential Exam Revision
Student Packages can be purchased direct from DCG Solutions or from a number of local bookshops. Click here to find a Local Retailer.
Full Description:This interactive student package is designed to cover the complete Plane & Descriptive Geometry section of the syllabus and prepare students for the Leaving Certificate exam while promoting understanding of the topics covered. It will not only enable students to solve higher level problems but will encourage understanding of the material covered through 3D representation. The electronic book includes over 330 worked questions while the workbook consists of over 170 sheets which compliment the electronic book; these are designed to be used for a two year period corresponding to the Leaving Cert Cycle. Access to the DCG Student Package E-books correspond to the Leaving Certificate Cycle and will expire after two years.In addition to the questions within the workbook the package also includes interactive solutions to the recent Leaving Certificate exams.