ELC Supervision & Administration

by Gill

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Published: September 2022

A complete guide to the multi-faceted role of the supervisor within an ELC setting, addressing the skills, competences and responsibilities required for this role combined with key legislation, theoretical and practical approaches and perspectives.

  • SECTION 1 examines elements of the self and how knowing and accepting who you are can assist you in your job as a supervisor in an ELC setting

  • SECTION 2 explores the concept of professional practice and what is involved in the work of a supervisor, both in a working-with and overseeing staff supervisory capacity and a supervisor/supervisee capacity within ELC, as well as the specific challenges this duality can bring

  • SECTION 3 examines the responsibilities of the supervisor for the administration, management, provision and oversight of resources within ELC settings and the supervisor’s role within those processes

  • SECTION 4 examines the supervisor’s relationships with all stakeholders in an ELC setting with particular focus on the relationships with children and with parents/guardians

Presents legislation relevant to ELC settings, including employment legislation.

Examines inspection processes within ELC settings, how different inspections work and the implications of compliance and non-compliance on the setting.


  • Those studying for any Childcare or Early Learning and Care (ELC) or School Age Childcare (SAC) professional award.

  • Professional practitioners in ELC settings.


Dr Eileen McPartland BComm, DipLegalStud, MA, PhD teaches legal and business subjects at Levels 5 and 6 in Childcare, Social Studies, Youth and Community, Art and Design, and Retail Management in Liberties College, Dublin and on the Professional Diploma in Further Education in Maynooth University. Eileen is also the author of Understanding Children’s Rights in Ireland (Boru Press, 2021) and The Best Interests of the Child (3rd edn, Boru Press, 2020).