Essential Study Guide – Maths Strategies/Number /Algebra

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Published: 2013
ISBN: 9781846540257
Pupils will find these attractive, easy-to-use, double sided reference materials crucial to everyday learning. Laminated for durability, the Essential Study Guides come in a convenient A4 size specifically designed to fit neatly into a ring binder or just stand alone. Or, perhaps, have a set at home and a set at school! (Parents will find them a fantastic resource to have at home too).
There are five essential study guides for 9 – 14 year olds:
Grammar Writing Spelling Shape/Space/Measurement/DataNumber/Algebra/StrategiesStrategies/Number/Algebra
Mathematical TermsNumber facts and tables Fractions, decimals and percentagesAlgebra factsMental strategiesProblem-solving strategiesChanging word problems to equationsApproaches to check the accuracy of solutions