Ethics For Social Care In Ireland

by Gill

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Published: 2014

ISBN: 9780717159772

The second edition of this popular book introduces the subject of ethics for social care and social work by exploring ethical values and principles, and how they inform and guide best practice for care in Irish society today.

New to this edition:
Detailed exploration of the understanding and application of caring as a value
Outline of the ethics underlying various perspectives on the issues of abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide
Evaluation of the practices behind the Irish banking crisis, which led to cutbacks in social services and austerity
Additional case studies and questions for class discussion, which challenge the student to apply ethical values and principles
Guidelines on how to write essays on the topic of ethics in social care.

Explains the theoretical basis for the main values and principles that underpin and inform best practice in social care casework, as well as in residential and other care settings.

Relates values and principles to specific issues, practices and standards of social care in Ireland.

Explains values-led decision-making and behaviour in the context of improving care services.

Presents particular ethical considerations that influence social policy formation.

Encourages reflection on and critical analysis of ethics in social care, with a view to promoting its development and evolution as a practice.