Getting It Right

by Gill

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ISBN: 9780717159482

Published: 2014

Author: Eamonn White

A complete targeted handbook for the LCVP Portfolio and Link Modules Exam

The Portfolio
•Step-by-step guide to the perfect portfolio using distinction-standard examples, templates and marking schemes
•Guidelines and examples to producing a distinction-level portfolio worth 60% of the LCVP exam
•The structure and examples used reflect the author’s extensive experience as an LCVP examiner and coordinator

The Exam
•Covers both Link Modules in an exam-focused approach that is driven by the marking scheme
•Builds student confidence, offering an overview of the main topics that arise each year and an analysis of past exam papers
•The Link Modules Topic Summaries and Glossary assist students with the terminology and phrases needed for the exam

Regular updates on Facebook and Twitter
•Twitter: EamonnWhite @gettingitright1
•Facebook: Gettingitright LCVP
•Case study analysis (section B) posted before the exam
•Commentary on important business and entrepreneurial events, and links to LCVP-related articles, websites and videos
•Student FAQs answered and exam tips provided right up to the exam!