Great Expectations 1 Including Portfolio Book


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Published: 2014
Great Expectations 1 is a first-year textbook for the new English course leading to the Junior Cycle Student Award (JCSA). Great Expectations 2 will complete the course.
Features of Great Expectations 1
• Learning Expectations are stated at the beginning of each chapter
• Tasks throughout the chapters are clearly laid out under recognisable headings (literacy, numeracy, drawing, research, writing, reading, etc.)
• Differentiation to suit a range of abilities is at the core of the choice of material and accompanying tasks
• Checklists and self-assessment tasks encourage assessment for learning
• Grammar is integrated into each chapter and reinforced in the topics and tasks
• Assessment is incorporated into each chapter leading to an end-of-chapter assessment
• Pairwork and Groupwork are encouraged regularly and where appropriate
• Peer assessment is encouraged with the ‘swap copies’ signal
• Oral Language tasks are integrated in a natural way throughout each chapter