Great Expectations 2 Including Portfolio Book


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Published: 2015
Great Expectations 2 is a textbook for the new English course leading to the Junior Cycle Student Award (JCSA). It is the second part of the Great Expectations course for Higher and Ordinary Level.
Features of Great Expectations 2
• Maintains the familiar and successful chapter format of Great Expectations 1 with dedicated sections on Personal Writing, Novels and Short Stories, Poetry, Non-Literary Texts, Drama and Film
• Learning Expectations are stated at the beginning of each chapter
• Tasks throughout the chapters are clearly laid out under recognisable headings (Literacy, Numeracy, Reading, Writing, Visual Literacy, Research, Oral Language)
• Assessment is incorporated into each chapter leading to an end-of-chapter assessment
• Differentiation to suit a range of abilities is at the core of the choice of material and accompanying tasks
• Grammar is integrated into each chapter and reinforced in the topics and tasks
• Pairwork and Group Work are encouraged regularly and where appropriate
• Dedicated How To sections teach students many of the basic skills required such as How to Research, How to Write a Personal Essay, How to Do a Presenta tion, and so on
• Features a lively collection of much-loved texts and brand-new recently-published material to engage students