Human Growth & Development Across The Lifespan 3rd Ed

by Gill

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Human Growth and Development across the Lifespan

by Emma Zara O’Brien

Full colour, updated 3rd edition of this hugely popular book introducing the concept of human growth and development across the lifespan.


  • Introduces and details normal patterns of development with reference to physical, social, emotional and intellectual development
  • Recognises variations within this normal range and the factors that can affect development throughout the lifespan
  • Recent Irish and international facts, research, cases and statistics are used to support all
  • developmental theories and highlight factors that affect development across the lifespan
  • Practical teaching and learning strategies throughout the text facilitates deep learning and the application of knowledge to practical, work-based problems scenarios
  • This book is structured with many features to encourage students to:
    1. map their own learning against ‘check your learning’ objectives
    2. further explore topics of particular interest through suggested resources – useful websites, videos and other publications
    3. link theoretical knowledge to practical application through case studies
    4. develop critical thinking skills through the ‘Think about it’ learning boxes
    5. check their own understanding and learning at the end of each chapter

Written for:

      • Students taking the Human Growth and Development module 5N1279, as part of their Health Studies, Nursing Studies or Social Studies courses.
      • Students studying introductory ‘Lifespan Psychology’ within their degree


272 pages.

ISBN: 9781739623234