Just Cursive Handwriting 2nd Class


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Junior Infants to 4th Class series of books with full cursive throughout.
Provides structured, simple activities to develop fluent handwriting skills
48 pages of handwriting practice – – Revising Capital letters, words and indiviudal letters and shapes.Offers option of pupil self-assessmentSupports the teaching of fully cursive handwriting from infants level  Free digital download for the whiteboard available for schools adopting the programme.Written by an experienced Primary School TeacherCarefully planned class lessons to ensure continuity and progressionWhy Just Cursive?
The premise behind the Just Cursive Handwriting programme is simple and straightforward – frequent, focussed practice of a skill leads to mastery and retentionof that skill. Teaching fully cursive handwriting from Infant level will enable children to write fluently, quickly and clearly.
Self Assessment (Assessment for Learning)There is a traffic light self assessment option at the end of each page. The child ticks the colour they feel best applies to how well they have completed their work.