Logic Word Problems Literacy 2 – 4th Class


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ISBN: 9781846546815
Literacy Perplexors is a six-book series of photocopiable logic puzzles, that requires school students to use the process of elimination to find answers. Each puzzle categorises information and lists clues, with problems solved by pupils using the ‘cross out and circle’ technique.
Each book includes 48 full-page puzzles with solutions. With six different books available, starting at beginners and becoming progressively more difficult, pupils can pick up a pencil and sharpen their deductive reasoning skills with these challenging logic puzzles.
Logic word problems combine comprehension skills and logical thinking.Each book presents very short story/word problems designed to challenge and sharpen children’s thinking and deductive skills. Each problem consists of a short story that children must read carefully. Clues are presented which the children must reflect on and evaluate to ascertain what information they provide and what information, by extension, they do not provide. Encourages children to use strategies when comprehending text, re-reading clues a number of times in light of new information, applying strategies, constantly evaluating the information and re-reading and checking this against a provided grid.Great resource for encouraging attention to detail when reading.Requires pupils to use their deductive reasoning to eliminate possible answers.Excellent resource for group work and station teaching. Each group can be given a problem and they can work collaboratively through discussing the clues to solve it. Not designed as ‘easy, done-in-a-minute’ activities.Encourages debate and justifying opinions. The challenging nature of each problem makes them highly motivational.Thinking and focused discussion are two key skills practiced using these problems. Small group-work encourages children to think and talk about the problem, share ideas and work together to reach the solution. Each problem can be used for whole-class teaching where the teacher can model comprehension and higher-order thinking strategies.Can be completed independently by high achieving children who require challenging activities.Can be used with pupils from Third Class upwards.