Making Of Europe & The Wider World – 1st Edition (Old Edition)


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The Making of Europe and the Wider World is written in a clear factual style with up-to-date historical commentary. This beautifully illustrated textbook features a wide variety of historical imagery and presents key statistics in clear, useful, graphs and charts.
The Making of Europe and the Wider World provides in-depth coverage of and case studies from the four most popular Later Modern Europe topics. Students must study two of these:
Topic 2: Nation States and International Tensions, 1871–1920Topic 3: Dictatorship and Democracy, 1920–1945Topic 4: Division and Realignment in Europe, 1945–1992Topic 6: The United States and the World, 1945–1989Key features of The Making of Europe and the Wider World:
Learning intentions stated at the beginning of each chapterClearly signposted Key ConceptsExam-focused profiles of Key PersonalitiesChapter SummariesEnd-of-chapter revision-style questionsEnd-of-chapter past and sample exam paper questions for Ordinary Level and Higher Level Detailed Exam section offers:
Advice for both Higher and Ordinary Level studentsExplanation of the marking schemeResearch Study Report guidelinesClear guidance on answering the documents-based questionsA full sample essay with commentary