Mentoring Toolkit

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ISBN: 9781899162246

As one of the UK’s leading practitioners in mentoring and a popular trainer on the topic, Stephanie George shares her vast experience in this practical resource book for learning mentors, intervention workers, behaviour mentors and pastoral support teams. Whether used within a school, pupil or student referral unit, exclusion/inclusion unit or any other educational establishment the resources in this toolkit will ultimately help improve progress and attainment.

The Mentoring Toolkit includes a step-by-step guide to the process of mentoring and covers identification of students, resources for intervention, monitoring, assessment and evaluation.

The chapters are:

How to Use This Book
The Mentoring Process
Mentoring Policy, Protocols, Permissions and Agreements
Identification of Barriers to Progress and Learning
Question and Discussion Prompts Resources and Strategy Banks
Assessments and Reassessments
Action Plans, Target Setting, Monitoring and Review
Daily Evidence Records
Evaluation, Exit Resources and Feedback
References and Bibliography
Index of Forms
The invaluable content of this book includes:

Practical steps for intervention from start to finish
Flow charts to guide you through the process of intervention
A model learning mentor intervention policy
Identification of students – includes the process of identification and resources to help identify students who would benefit from mentoring
Thought boxes to help students identify barriers to progress and learning inside and outside the classroom, at home and with friends
Question and discussion prompts about relating to others and managing angry feelings, stress, pressure and anxiety, attendance, anti-bullying along with strategy banks of ideas for dealing with these issues
Intervention in action – includes resources for monitoring the intervention
Assessing and reassessing the impact of intervention through feedback from the student as well as subject teachers
A Student Monitoring and Review Workbook to be given to each student to track the activities undertaken and progress made – completed by both student and staff
Daily appointment record forms for staff and students
Termly review and feedback forms for staff and students