Newell Literacy Programme – Book 1


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Newell Literacy Programme Book 1

Multi-sensory, Phonetic, Sequential and success-orientated programme to help improve child and adult literacy skills in reading, writing and spelling.
Book One of the seven book Newell Literacy Programme.  
Book 1 introduces all the letters of the alphabet. It introduces the  multisensory approach. It covers vowel consonant and consonant vowel consonants eg. in and cat. Book 1 is the most important book of all as it lays the foundation on which the pupils build all the other phonic skills. 
Table of Contents:
Lesson 1 – a, b, f, h, i, j, k, m, p, tLesson 2 – g, o, l, nLesson 3 – r, u, d, cLesson 4 – s, eLesson 5 – v, w, xLesson 6 – y, zLesson 7 – quRevision of lessons 1 to 7Build two-letter words: v-c (vowel-consonant) words (e.g. am, at etc.)Build three-letter words: c-v-c (consonant-vowel-consonant) words (e.g. jam, hit, etc.)
Words with ar, or, ir, ur, er (excluded)

Age Suitability: Lower Primary & Learning Support