Newell Literacy Programme – Book 4

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Newell Literacy Programme Book 4
Multi-sensory, Phonetic, Sequential and success-orientated programme to help improve child and adult literacy skills in reading, writing and spelling.
Book Four of the seven book Newell Literacy Programme.
Book 4 continues to build on all the skills already learned in Books 1, 2 and 3. It introduces the magic e, y saying i as in fly, y saying e as in frosty,  syllable division e.g. until, mistake, subtract,  the two sounds of c e.g. cat and mice and the two sounds of g e.g. got and page. The open vowel is also taught e.g. pupil, robin, seven etc.
Table of Contents:
Lesson 1: v-c-e (Vowel – Consonant – e)Lesson 2: y says i as in flyLesson 3: y says e as in frostyLesson 4: y says i as in FlynnLesson 5: vccv e.g. dentistLesson 6: vccve e.g. mistakeLesson 7: vcccv e.g. districtLesson 8: vcccvce e.g. concreteLesson 9: vccccv e.g. dishclothLesson 10: c says s when followed by e, i or yLesson 11: g says j when followed by e, i or y usuallyLesson 12: open vowel e.g. no, we, meLesson 13: vcv e.g. tu / lip, sev / enLesson 14: vcvce e.g. female, volumeRevision: Lessons 1 – 14

Age Suitability: Primary & Learning Support