Newell Literacy Programme – Book 5


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Newell Literacy Programme Book 5
Multi-sensory, Phonetic, Sequential and success-orientated programme to help improve child and adult literacy skills in reading, writing and spelling.
Book Five of the seven book Newell Literacy Programme.  
Book 5 continues to build on skills already learned.  It introduces words ending in ild, ost, old as in child, lost and cold. It covers r controlled words e.g. twin rr’s as in marry,  ar as in car, or as in thorn, er as in her, ir as in bird, ur as in burn.  The three sound of ‘ed’ wanted, sailed and jumped,  the three sound of ‘ch’ e.g. chin, Christmas and chef, the doubling rule e.g. running, dropping the e rule e.g care, caring, dge as in bridge, words ending in consonant ‘le’ e.g. apple, uncle, bubble, able.
Table of Contents:
Lesson 1: -ild, int, -ind, -ost, -olt, -oldLesson 2: twins r r (e.g. mirror, sorry)Lesson 3: ar says ‘ar” as in carLesson 4: or says ”or” as in thornLesson 5: er says ”ur’ as in herLesson 6: ir says ‘ur’ as in birdLesson 7: ur says ‘ur’ as in burnLesson 8: r controlled syllableLesson 9: ed has three soundsLesson 10: Introduction to SuffixesLesson 11: The Doubling RuleLesson 12: Dropping the e RuleLesson 13: – dge as in bridgeLesson 14: consonant + le (e.g. simple, table)Lesson 15: ch has three sounds
Age Suitability: Primary & Learning Support