Newell Literacy Programme – Book 6


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Newell Literacy Programme Book 6
Multi-sensory, Phonetic, Sequential and success-orientated programme to help improve child and adult literacy skills in reading, writing and spelling.
Book Six of the seven book Newell Literacy Programme.  
Book 6 All the vowel diphthongs are introduced e.g. ee as in see, oa as in boat, ai as in sail, ay as in play, ea as in great etc. Plurals, silent letters and ph are lesson plans in Book 6
Table of Contents:
Lesson 1: ee says ‘e’ as in feedLesson 2: oa says ‘o’ as in boatLesson 3: ai says ‘a’ as in sailLesson 4: ay says ‘a’as in playLesson 5: oo says ‘u’ as in foodLesson 6: oo says ‘u’ as in bookLesson 7: oo says ‘o’ as in doorLesson 8: oi says ‘oi’ as in boilLesson 9: oy says ‘oi’ as in toyLesson 10: ow says ‘o’ as in snowLesson 11: ow says ‘au’ as in cowLesson 12: ou says ‘au’ as in outLesson 13: ou says ‘u’ as in soupLesson 14: ou says ‘u’ as in roughLesson 15: ou says ‘o’ as in fourLesson 16: ea says ‘e’ as in eatLesson 17: ea says ‘a’as in greatLesson 18: ea says ‘e’ as in breadLesson 19: igh says ‘i’ as in lightLesson 20: oe says ‘o’ as in toeLesson 21: oe says ‘u’ as in canoeLesson 22: ey says ‘e’ as in valleyLesson 23: ey says ‘a’ as in theyLesson 24: au says ‘o’ as in AugustLesson 25: aw says ‘o’ as in sawLesson 26: ew says ‘u’ as in fewLesson 27: ew says ‘u’ as in grewLesson 28: ue says ‘u’ as in rescueLesson 29: ue says ‘u’ as in trueLesson 30: eu says ‘u’ as in EuropeLesson 31: ui says ‘u’ as in fruitLesson 32: eigh says ‘a’ as in eightLesson 33: ei says ‘e’ as in ceilingLesson 34: ei says ‘a’ as in veinLesson 35: ie says ‘i’ as in pieLesson 36: ie says ‘e’ as in chiefLesson 37: Diphthong SyllableLesson 38: Compund WordsLesson 39: r controlled + Diphthong Syl.Lesson 40: PluralsLesson 41: Silent LettersLesson 42: ph says ‘f’ as in phone

Age Suitability: Primary & Learning Support