Number Facts – Addition & Subtraction


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Number Facts – Addition & Subtraction by Florence Gavin
This book presents in an attractive and interesting way the basics of addition and subtraction. These skills should be taught when the child has had sufficient experience of sorting, comparing, counting, conservation of number and one-to-one correspondence. No attempt should be made to rush forward. Understanding and steady progress should be the aim.
The child must acquire confidence in his/her ability in these fundamental skills. Confidence based on ability is the key to success. The child who is confident at addition is ready to progress to subtraction.The material in this book is usually covered in the first few years at school. Many children have difficulty understanding “re-grouping”. For this reason several approaches to “re-grouping” are included.
The book is suitable in a variety of situations:
to provide a grounding for the child in the mainstream classas a review for the older child who failed to acquire the skills the first time round or who simply missed out for whatever reasonfor the bright child who will be able to move through the material at a faster paceas a homework book.
The drill and practice which this book provides will improve the child’s speed, accuracy and mental computation.