Number Facts – Division


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Number Facts – Division by Florence Gavin
The aim of this book is to enable the student to recall the division facts with ease and at speed. With this goal in mind the division facts are presented in many different ways which should help to increase understanding and lead to complete mastery of the facts. The variety, challenge and indeed consistency of the tasks on these pages should appeal to the student and help to retain interest in a subject that is unfortunately too often presented in a boring and tedious manner.
Division tables are sometimes not given the attention they deserve because of a mistaken belief that if the student knows his/her multiplication tables there is no need to spend time on the division tables. But many children fail to make an automatic transition from multiplication to mastery of division. It is of course easier to acquire the new skill if the multiplication tables have already been mastered but understanding, drill and memorisation of the division tables are still essential. Reminders and revision boxes are placed throughout the text for the purpose of making connections between division and other areas of the mathematics curriculum.
Now with calculators being used from 4th class upward, it is vital that the student has a thorough grounding in the division facts. If a student knows the division facts s/he will do the simple calculations faster mentally than by using a calculator.