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Before children begin formal reading and writing, there is a suite of readiness skills that they need to complete as part of their preparation.

From visual and auditory discrimination exercises, to orientation, motor and handwriting skills development, there are many things a child needs to do to get ready for reading and writing, and we cover them all in this book.

Additionally, it is important that children experience a rich collection of enjoyable stories that will fire their imaginations, provide enjoyment, build story knowledge and enrich their vocabulary and language experience. Over the coming months children will receive at least one book a week to take home and have read to them by an adult. The title, and date read, is then recorded by the adult in the grids on pages 4 & 5.

Nursery Rhymes (pages 18,19 & 20) play an important part in children’s language development. They should be learned off over time and recited together weekly, where children come to know and understand rhyme & rhythms, syllables & phonemes, as they playfully recite the rhymes.

As children progress closer to beginning learning their letter sounds, such as s, a, t, i, p and n etc., reciting Tongue Ticklers together becomes a great way to focus on and embed each phoneme sound – see page 60. These sentences should be recited over and over again.