Slainte Agus Follaine OSPS 2

by Edco


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Sláinte agus Folláine OSPS 2 is the Irish language version of Health and Wellbeing 2

Health and Wellbeing: SPHE 2 covers the four strands and learning outcomes of the SPHE element of Wellbeing and the New Junior Cycle SPHE short course

  • Address each of the Eight Key Skills of the new Junior Cycle
  • Use understandable and age-appropriate language with Learning Outcomes for each unit
  • Follow best practice in addressing the health and wellbeing needs of young people
  • Contain a wide variety of active learning methodologies such as
    drama, collage, traffic lights, quizzes, animations, debates,
    film-making and more
  • Emphasise the theoretical background of topics with
    up-to-date research findings and references to provoke thought
    and discussion
  • Focus on developing students’ skills in literacy (oral and digital presentation, reports,
    debating and drama) and numeracy (surveys, statistics, graphs
    and charts)
  • Avoid a ‘one size fits all’ lesson-based approach – allowing class
    groups the flexibility to progress through each topic at their own
  • Include a wide range of activities and assessment techniques that
    acknowledge the different learning styles
  • List Key words at the beginning of each unit and explained
    throughout the text
  • Contain Learning Logs which encourage students to reflect on
    their learning and keep a record of it, facilitating the completion of
    classroom-based assessments (CBAs) and student journals