Sounds in Focus Junior Infants Scrapbook


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Published 2019

ISBN: 9781846549403

Sounds in Focus is a whole-school spelling and language programme.

The Sounds in Focus Scrapbook complements the Exploring Sounds phase of the Infants Programme.

Pupils complete Pre-reading and Pre-writing Activities on the first side of each page on the day that they learn the corresponding sound. They then engage in an art activity on the reverse side of the page. The page is detached from the book and taken home each day to show parents the sound for the day.

Pre-reading Activities

developing vocabulary – big, little, large, small, long, short, tall, short, same, different, left to right, top to bottom, opposite
visual discrimination – size, length, shape, missing components • association of ideas – people, fruit, vehicles, animals
auditory discrimination including everyday sounds and initial, final, medial sounds in words.

Pre-writing Activities

tracing – clockwise, anticlockwise, top to bottom, straight, curving, circular, left to right, channelling
vocabulary – left, right, top, bottom, up, down, around, zigzag, curved, curving, circles, back, front
fine motor – cutting, tearing, scrunching, snipping, folding, fringing, twisting.

Art Activity Ideas involving the icon outline are provided on the reverse side of each page.

These activities develop:

fine motor skills
the ability to follow instructions
decision making skills
satisfaction from pleasing outcomes