Step By Step Databases – 3rd Ed

by Gill


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ISBN: 9780717160433

Published: 2014

Third edition of this popular, easy-to-use textbook, updated for the revised Database Methods Level 5 module [5N0783], which details fundamental database methods while providing for practical experience in database design, implementation and organisation.

 – New to this edition:

Updated for the revised Database Methods module [5N0783] and Access 2010 (all assignments can be completed using Access 2007)

Includes new material on the following topics:

Understanding SQL code in a Query

Building Pivot Queries and Pivot Charts

Provides instruction on how to create reports in a format suitable for emailing or printing

Demonstrates how to import data from external data sources such as text files, spreadsheets or existing database files

Details how to create relationships between tables to develop a database design to a given design brief.

– Shows how to design and format Access forms, create queries using a range of logical operators, organise data in a report using sorting and grouping, set up a table to store different types of data, and use report functions.

– Brings the learner from the basics of database design to an advanced level.

– Emphasises learning through practice.

– No previous experience in databases is required.