Target Boards 3rd Class Mental Maths Activities

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Target Boards are large front of class (A3) spiral bound boards each with a unique set of age appropriate numbers and suggested mental maths questions on the reverse of each, ‘Give me an odd number, even number, a multiple of 5’, and so on.

There are six target boards in the range, from 1st to 6th Class although each one is easily adaptable to suit the needs of your class.
Each Target Board contains 32 weeks of activities carefully structured to become more challenging as the weeks progress.
Each Target Board has a minimum of 10 questions per board.
Can be used independently or in conjunction with the popular Ready, Steady, Go Mental Maths series of workbooks.

Example Target Board Questions:
Call out an odd / even number.
What numbers on the target board are less than 30?
What is the only number on the target board with 7 units?
Call out the biggest/smallest number.
What is the sum of …… and …..?
What is the product of……and….?
What must I do to 16 to reach 40?
What is the total of the top line?
What is the total of the first column?
What two numbers add up to …..?
What two numbers multiply to make…..?
Call out the factors of…..
Call out a multiple of….
What number is beside……
What number is between…and ….?
What is above/below……?
What is one quarter of…..?
What is fifty percent of…..?