Time for a Rhyme

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Time for a Rhyme by Yoneka Dayal
Time for a Rhyme is a splendid presentation of nursery rhymes. The aim is to educate and entertain. 
Literacy value:
Pre-reading skillsRhythm and rhymeLeft to right directionalityPhonetic awarenessNew words and conceptsMemorisation and recallUnderstanding of textDramatisation, humour, and expressionAssistance with speech developmentLanguage: punctuation, vocabulary, reading writing and oral languageMaths value:
Opportunities to problem solveDevelop logic and reasoningCommunicate mathematical ideasBasic number knowledge – counting up to 20Simple addition sumsSimple subtraction sumsMeasurement, geometry, algebra and statistics
These are just some of the learning activities provided, there are many more. Teachers have many choices on how to use this resource. Open and begin!