Todays World 3 – 3rd Edition

by Edco


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Published: 2013

ISBN: 9781845365592

A new and improved edition of the best-selling Today’s World 3 for Leaving Certificate Geography, providing even greater continuity from Junior Cycle to Senior Cycle.

• This is a new and improved edition of the best-selling Today’s World 3.

• The syllabus requirements for both Higher and Ordinary Level students are met by Today’s World 1 along with either Today’s World 2 OR Today’s World 3.

• Today’s World 3 covers the following units of the course:

– Elective Unit 5 (The Human Environment)

– Optional Unit 7 (Geoecology)

– Optional Unit 8 (Culture and Identity)

– Optional Unit 9 (The Atmosphere-Ocean Environment).

• Three optional units (Higher Level students only) are included. This allows teachers and students to make choices within the syllabus (only one optional unit is required).

• Clear, concise and straightforward language is used throughout.

• The layout is accessible and student-friendly, and the text is packed with new full-colour Ordnance Survey maps, photographs, charts, diagrams and satellite images.

• Linkages are highlighted within the text.

• Continuity has been established with the settings and regions selected in Today’s World 1.

• New and up-to-date case studies and statistics reflect the changed social environment of recent times, e.g. the 2011 census of Ireland, the food crisis in East Africa and deforestation in Brazil.

• Leaving Certificate exam questions are provided at the end of each chapter.