Whistle a While Teacher Pack (Book, Audio CD & DVD)

Whistle a While Teacher Pack (Book, Audio CD & DVD)
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Whistle a While Teacher Pack (Book, Audio CD & DVD) by Julie Ryng

Tin Whistle Tutor

Whistle A While is the tutor for those who prefer to teach tin whistle using the ‘doh re me’ (tonic solfa) approach. The Teacher Pack contains the book, audio CD & DVD. The content is similar to Whistle Along but it has the tonic solfa notes (d, r, m etc) written over the staff notation. It presents a carefully graded selection of well known children’s favourites, Irish, Folk, Classical and Christmas tunes, which makes for easy progress. Song words are included where possible. The cd supports and enhances the learner’s efforts with a satisfying multi-track musical accompaniment. The DVD allows you to play along with the fingers on the screen.

Tracks covered in Whistle a While: 

Hot cross buns
Go and tell Aunt Nancie
Pease Pudding Hot
Mary had a little Lamb
The Grand Old Duke of York
This Old Man
Twinkle Twinkle
The Te Waltz
The Te Waltz with harmony
Dawning of the Day
Cuckoo Song
Bog Braon
The Harp that Once
Sally Gardens
Morning has broken
Edelweiss with Harmony
Spancil Hill
New World Symphony
Chopsticks with harmony
Planxty Irwin
Planxty Irwin with harmony
Old Folks at Home
Brahm’s Lullaby
Báidín Fheidhlimí
Spanish Lady
Kerry Polka
Joy to the world
Silent Night
Silent Night with Harmony
Jingle Bells
The First Noel
Amhran na bhFiann

The CD contains all the tunes and backing tracks and on the DVD you can watch the fingers on the screen and play along. The finger work is exaggerated to show the uncovered holes. On the DVD, you will note that the index finger of the lower hand is kept in position for the notes te and lah in some of the tunes. This is a strategy employed by experienced players which does not affect the tone of the notes.
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