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Welcome to the SchoolBooksDirect website! We are so delighted to have you! At SchoolBooksDirect, we don’t just offer you the best back to school and school related products, we also stock a range of arts and crafts products! Get everything you might need for your next big arts and crafts endeavour at SchoolBooksDirect. We have the best quality and value arts and crafts products to choose from! We know that arts and crafts activities can get a bit messy, but it’s all worth it for the amazing benefits it can bring your child. They learn to think creatively, improve their shapes and colours and also encourages them to use their imagination! Arts and crafts activities are also a great way to get the entire family to come together and have some fun!

Explore our range of Acrylic and Textile Paints to find your perfect colour for crafting! Or try our range of Poster Paints, perfect for any crafting beginners. Our range of Adhesives and Mediums are the perfect base to get you started on your next crafting adventure! Discover our range of Chalks and Crayons that can be used for some indoor crafting or take them outside for some fun in the sun! Use our range of clays and modelling materials to create something fun and unique. Try something from our range of Craft Materials that will awaken your inner Picasso! Shop our wide range of Paint Brushes, Painting Accessories, Paper and Card and Scissors to get those perfect tools for any crafting activity. We also have a unique range of Stencils and Cutters for you to choose from! 

Find everything you need for your next crafting activity at SchoolBooksDirect! If you have any queries or would like to enquire about a specific product, please get in touch. We are more than happy to help! 

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