Big Box Adventures 4th Class – Crazy Carnivals

by Edco


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Published: 2013
ISBN: 9781845365615
Big Box Adventures is a complete English language and literacy programme. Written specifically for the Irish market, it includes fully integrated digital resources ( Crazy Carnivals is the Fourth Class pupils’ book.
Comprises a wide collection of attractive fiction, nonfiction and poetry, aimed at a range of abilities and tastes, including work from best-selling children’s authors such as Michael Morpurgo and Marita Conlon-McKennaBrings reading alive for childrenMakes reading lessons interesting, engaging and meaningful for childrenProvides activities that are designed to challenge children by incorporating many different learning stylesIntegrates specially designed icons for prompts and interactive activitiesPlaces an emphasis on comprehension to create fluency and enjoyment in readingHas been illustrated by a range of top-class illustrators in a variety of styles that will appeal to childrenUses colourful photos to illustrate non-fiction pieces in a lively and vibrant way.