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Published: 2016

ISBN: 9781857919240 

Foclóir Póca is now available in a newly designed and expanded edition. It continues to be the market leader in Irish pocket dictionaries. Its popularity and continued success is based on its innovative features:

• English-Irish and Gaeilge-Béarla

• over 30,000 words and usage examples

• phonetic pronunciation given for all Irish headwords

• grammatical guide with verb tables

• list of geographical names

• full pronunciation guide with sound files (see below)

Pronunciation Guide In the Irish-English section of the dictionary each headword is accompanied by a phonetic description. A guide to the pronunciation of all the basic sounds of Irish is provided in the booklet and MP3 files below which ought to be used in conjunction with each other.

The first three chapters of the booklet contain examples, while chapter four shows how Irish words are stressed. The system of pronunciation does not correspond in every detail to any one dialect but contains a core common to them all.

The Irish examples provided are illustrated by a native speaker, one from each of the three main dialects. Each speaker shows how the core dialect can be accommodated while using his or her own dialect as a basic reference.